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Amberbox Gunshot Detection features


Equip your site with patented dual sensing detectors, capable of accurately sensing a gunshot in under 3.6s. Detectors wirelessly connect to each other without the need for WiFi or ethernet. Installation is as easy as wiring a light switch.


Our Security Operations Center is on hand to monitor your building 24/7 and information is available through your organization’s web command panel. We respond to an activation by providing real-time data to law enforcement and inform your in-house security representatives immediately.

Amberbox Gunshot Detection features
Amberbox Gunshot Detection features


The web monitoring panel allows AmberBox and your security personnel to always be in control, by directly initiating building lockdown procedures. AmberBox can integrate into your existing security infrastructure,  including CCTV, access control and mass notifications.

What matters to us

Amberbox Gunshot Detection - detector


No real-time audio data is transmitted, ever

Speed of Response

3.6s gunshot to notification. Avoid the bystander effect with AmberBox

No False Alarms

Our dual patented sensors with over the air updates ensure reliability