What is it?

Providing the highest level of situational intelligence in the event of an active shooter incident is our priority. In line with this aim and in direct response to client feedback, we have developed a new, innovative feature which disseminates floor plan information instantly to 911 dispatch. The AmberBox system already facilitates automatic 911 dispatch notification to PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) across the country, permitting them access to the AmberBox platform for shooter tracking, without the need for prior login information or software installation.

Our latest release empowers clients to share their interior floor plan views with any law enforcement officer or agency instantly, an incredibly powerful and cutting edge feature.

Why does it matter?

Enabling police dispatch teams to view the detailed floor plans of a site at which an active shooter incident is unfolding, in addition to the movement of said shooter, best equips law enforcement to address the situation as safely and efficiently as possible, for both themselves, on-site security and bystanders.

To date, AmberBox clients have been able to observe detector health and active shooter event tracking on a 2D floor plan view, or alternatively on a maps overlay. The 2D floor plan has the unique advantage of showing exact interior wall placements, whereas the maps overlay allows enterprise clients to see placement of the system across a whole campus or nationwide/global footprint.

How does it work?

Integrated floor plans which layer into Global Mapping have now been rolled out on all AmberBox client platforms. As a result, floor plans can be loaded into the global view, so that when a user or first responder zooms into a particular building on the AmberBox response platform, the floor plan will automatically load and show as an overlay on the map. Clients can customize their preference as to whether this information is shared with law enforcement, as part of the E911 system dial out.

This is a first in the industry.

As always, we are excited to provide this feature without charge to our clients, as part of our promise to deliver the most up to date hardware and software available, and ensure that they continue to receive best-in-market technology.

Please reach out to your AmberBox Support Representative for assistance in setting up this feature in your platform.