What is it?

As part of our latest software update, AmberBox Gunshot Detection offers a new system test mode within all detector networks.

Users are now able to test their AmberBox system at any time, with the option to simulate a gunshot activation, receive test alert notifications and view a test simulation on the AmberBox Response Platform. This software update is designed to assist training and ensure reliability.

Why does it matter?

The latest test function provides a useful active shooter preparedness training platform. By launching a test situation, building security personnel are able to virtually experience an active shooter incident. This permits building security to determine the most efficient and effective way to stop an attacker, treat the injured and establish control of the perimeter as a team, within their location.

In addition, the test mode allows users to guarantee that the system is fully functioning after installation, ensuring it is set up and connected correctly. It can be used to easily check for any problems during setup, or at any later time.

How does it work?

The system can be placed into test mode on the Notification Settings page. This is achieved by choosing the desired testing location and selecting the test mode option.

Once in test mode, gunshot activations can be simulated by pressing the button on any detector within the network. Threat alerts will subsequently be issued by call, SMS and push messaging, with "THIS IS A TEST" incorporated into the notification message.

It is important to note that the system function will be unaffected whilst in test mode, and continue to both detect gunshots and send notification alerts if an incident is identified.