Active shooter scenarios, by their very dangerous and unpredictable nature, are clearly one of the most intense situations any company employee or visitor can face. Active shooter training provides a well considered and established protocol to help address some of the exposed risk, experienced by both individuals and responding law enforcement.

Active shooter training exercises continue to become more commonplace throughout the country, across all sectors. These often focus on situational awareness and the provision of simple guidelines to large numbers of people, establishing expectations and communicating the necessary procedures to react successfully before any survival situation unfolds. Training empowers employees to better handle such events, promoting improved awareness and the adoption of a clear, practiced escape or survival strategy.

How does AmberBox Gunshot Detection Specifically Assist with Education and Training?

Perhaps the greatest challenge faced by first responders and security teams is to achieve full and comprehensive situational intelligence, to address any unfolding threat. Existing training is often limited and broad based. AmberBox removes any intelligence ambiguity, providing clear and immediate insight into the location of the shooter, where shots are being fired and the likely scale and classification of the incident. It allows high-level security team training to be precise, targeted specifically to the potential perpetrator’s exact location and timing, ultimately facilitating a safe and expedient extraction of endangered personnel and the neutralization of the threat. Specifically, AmberBox encourages well honed, practiced and pinpointed training, where security teams and employees know with certainty how to avoid danger and exit the building in safety.

Before Active Shooter Training Commences

AmberBox enables security teams to test their entire security infrastructure from one central point. Due to its universal integration, AmberBox can be incorporated into almost any security system, permitting an immediate response with pre-programmed security features, including VMS feeds, building lockdown, mass notification and crisis communication systems. This seamless and comprehensive integration means that AmberBox can act as a simple, primary test point for all technology used in the event of an active shooter incident. This streamlines the process and removes any likelihood of error within this critical situation. The system alleviates concerns by facilitating straightforward maintenance checking, highlighting potential issues, which may be present at anytime.

During Active Shooter Training

AmberBox is a controllable resource. It enables the enactment of realistic active shooter exercises, in a variety of guises, which mirror real-life scenarios. By launching a test procedure, building security personnel are able to virtually experience an active shooter incident, simulating the movement of a shooter, or shooters, with shots fired. This is activated using the simulator within the AmberBox Response Platform, or by pressing the TEST button on a detector, when the system is in test mode. This can provide excellent training for different types of attack, in multiple locations, offering security personnel the opportunity to test drive responses, to achieve a successful and seamless outcome. It also affords the ability to understand and appreciate other pain points that may become prominent in the response. Specifically, this permits building security to determine the most efficient and effective way to stop an attacker, treat the injured and establish control of the perimeter as a team, within their location. Such training can be undertaken discreetly, if a full scale drill is undesirable or inappropriate.

Post Exercise Evaluation

AmberBox can also be utilized as an invaluable tool during any hotwash evaluation, post exercise. The system can aid in the reviewing of performance, by providing a clear and precise timeline of events to measure response against, removing ambiguity. This assists in the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the security procedure. This can also be a useful tool during external assessments.

Training with Law Enforcement Involvement

AmberBox actively encourages the growth of reciprocal partnerships between security personnel and law enforcement. Open communication is paramount. This is especially pertinent in relation to police involvement with active shooter training. Organizations who protect their employees and visitors with AmberBox, are often presented with the opportunity to work more closely with their local police department, through improved liaison and accompanying joint exercises. Areas such as familiarization with building layout, best practice containment, advantageous use of established security systems and safe evacuation can all be addressed and improved. Utilizing the benefits of the AmberBox response platform results in the exact identification of the location of shots fired, delivering the opportunity for informed rapid deployment and containment. The AmberBox platform provides an immediate open channel conference call with law enforcement in the event of an active shooter attack, avoiding confusion and lost time, to address the threat. Collectively, AmberBox, clients and law enforcement can work together to improve training, planning and, in the event of an active shooter attack, outcome, to help maintain employee, security personnel and police safety.

Incorporating AmberBox into active shooter preparedness can deliver targeted training, promoting the most effective procedures to mitigate threats, while ensuring continuous visibility on rapidly unfolding and tumultuous events. The system works with security teams to improve their procedures through controlled, orchestrated exercises, benefiting from transparent evaluation. Such measures help identify best practices, covering all active shooter eventualities and ultimately protect lives in the event of a real attack.